Jessyka Janshel @Jessykajanshel in SHOW Magazine Black Lingerie #24

Christina Martinez in SHOW Magazine Black Lingerie #24
January 30, 2016
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January 31, 2016

Jessyka Janshel @Jessykajanshel in SHOW Magazine Black Lingerie #24

Im the miss Jessyka Janshel born July 5, 91 & raised in Houston Texas, I graduated from James Madison Senior High 09, where I went off to Prairie View A& M, however I did not complete college, I got into the exotic entertainment business and decided with those funds I would invest in my modeling because modeling was always an interest and a topic people would suggest I look into, I come from a very large family so my mom couldnt afford to put me thru any talent agency, so once I became of legal age I took matters Into my own hands. I started modeling August of 2013 my first shoot was with FacetStudios and I was pleased with the outcome, I started shooting more, I have worked with Straight Stuntin, Doss Tidwell, Alcolestudios, SHOWmag, iAdoreMag, & Mr. Jose Guerra, ModelModele and no Im not known but my face and presence is undeniable. I plan to venture out some more and sooner then later the world will know about miss Jessyka. Thanks for the time and to stay in touch with me and my activities. I have my own web address, & I am also on Instagram @Jessykajanshel

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