Nikki Renee @nikki.renee in SHOW Magazine Black Lingerie #24

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Nikki Renee @nikki.renee in SHOW Magazine Black Lingerie #24

I am Nikki Renee from Dallas, Texas. Im a country girl from a little East Texas city called Tyler. I am the middle of 3 kids with an older sister and younger brother. Im 26 years young standing at an awesome 52.

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How long have you been in the modeling/ entertainment industry?
I would say Ive been “taking pictures” for about 7 years but actually taking this seriously and realizing there is actual money to be made in this industry, Id say about 4 years.

Any major projects out?
I have a couple of major projects Ive recently done. I flew to New York about a month ago and shot exclusively with Dynasty Series for our slumber party series. I also just came back from Houston a few days ago shooting with 2020 photography for Black Mens magazine. Its been really exciting. Other then that, Ive just been updating my website with different and new stuff and just building relationships.

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