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Only In My Mind – Y0$#!(Yoshi)

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Only In My Mind – Y0$ #!(Yoshi)


Music video for Only In My Mind performed by Y0$ #!(Yoshi).produced by @bassnpurp

*Lyrics* from chorus till end check comments for full lyrics

is this only in my mind
only in my mind 3x
is this just only in my mind
see it only with my eyes
is it my problem or your problem
i really cant decide
is it jus only in my mind

A hurt person can’t really survive the pain
Like umbrellas in a storm Doesn’t hide the rain
Keeping people in their presence Just to hide the blame
Is like lying bout a lie Just to hide the shame
Acting sane a contradiction If no 2 minds the same
yet we run from being different a kids i got the talent all i’m lacking is the riches
All I wanted was some Love all I got was smashing woman
My thoughts are so vivid In a pool that is wicked
But nobody pays attention I’m a stoner in they vision
Taught to never give In let you change my option
It Never was a given If you dint stand for something
Then you fall in the ending I’m not losing my position
on living you dig it If you get in my way
Then you eaten an you finished
Ain’t that the same cycle I did speak in the beginning
It seems never ending cause i knew and didn’t fix it

only in my mind is it only in my mind
is it only everything in which i’m seeing with my eyes
if it is then i must wake up cuz right now i a m surprised
everybody say they want the truth but feeding off the lies
in my mind is this only in my mind
i hope this is not my eyes cuz if so then i am surprised
every body want the truh but they be feeding off the lies
so i guess i am confused on whats really wrong or whats right

it is time to #wakeupthestreets

Goofi Juice 3: Lord of the Juice below 50% of song revenue will be donated to Nonprofits that help feed/give clothes/shelter the less fortunate



Copyright (C) 2016 Yoshi Crew Ent.

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